Is it possible that this simple off-the-shelf hardware store tool could develop a crushing grip, a powerful back, a mobile spine, mighty arms, a tight waste, a heart like a bull, a hard body and physical endurance that won’t quit while burning off fat like a flair stack with just a single exercise?


The answer is YES! The best kept secret of Combat Athletes has it’s roots in the now-forgotten traditions of hard labor predating the diesel tractor and hydraulic equipment. These techniques of brutal power came from the hardened chain-gang, the grizzled back country woodsman and the HEROES of the fire brigade. They were passed down by hushed word of mouth from these Real Men to us, and now to YOU!


Dear Friend,

     Do you strive to build a strong, hard body but suffer the curse of the hard-gainer?

     Are you looking for a way to build cold, effective power, but can’t find it at the “health clubs” and the “community gyms”?

     Do you desire to Dominate and Overcome, but look on in frustration as other’s progress blazes ahead of yours?

     Then pay close attention… because this is perhaps the most important letter you will ever read.

     My Name is Joshua Stiletto, and I was not an athletic kid. I spent way more time playing videogames than I ever did playing sports. I ate junk food while I was at school, and after school I would rush home to watch T.V.

     My Dad worked all day and all night, so he never encouraged me to be physically active in sports like football and hockey. This didn’t seem to matter when I was a kid, but it certainly began to matter when I was a teenager.

     One summer day I was in a neighborhood that was not my own and I happened across a group of guys trying to start up a game of ball hockey but their teams were mismatched.

     They needed one more player to make the teams equal – and that was the moment attention turned on me. Before I could even protest, they thrust a stick in my hands and shoved me into the front line.

     It was shirts vs skins, and my side was skins…

I Looked Like A Bag Of Marshmallows
That Had Been Sitting In
A Car On A Hot Day...

     ...for the first time, I really realize how far gone I’d gone…

     Those guys whipped off their shirts and they were all lean with brown tans. When I pulled my shirt off, my skin was as white as a bar of soap, and my stomach hung over my waist like gooey cookie dough…

     I knew how to play the game, but I was slow, and got tired fast. Ten minutes of game play and I was dripping with sweat. As my team got farther and farther behind in goals, I got moved from the front, to defense, and eventually to goal.

     We lost that game, and almost all of the other games that day.

     I was frustrated and fed up. My body was sore for days. Walking home in my now pit-stained shirt, I decided then and there that I was going to make a change.


That Was The Ball Hockey Match
That Changed The Course Of My Life!

    I didn’t have a lot of spare cash, so I started borrowing books and videos from the public library.

     I tried Yoga and Pilates, but my body shape didn’t change. I tried out for Soccer teams, but none would have me. I EVEN TRIED FOLLOWING ALONG WITH AN AEROBICS VIDEO!

     I got laughed at by my Mom and my Sister.

     Eventually I picked up a book on weight lifting and thought I finally had the answer! I got some old dumbbells and had at it.

     I did get stronger, but I wasn’t losing any weight. Weight lifting and bodybuilding claimed to have the solution, but they were complicated formulas and plans that required calipers to determine body fat and a rigid set-in-stone schedule.

     I had to remember and plan a thousand things and I couldn’t stick with it. The bodybuilding diets were even worse! They were very strict and equally difficult to stick to.
    One day, I had to do some work for my Dad.

     I had to cut down some old dead trees, knock down an old work shed, then chop it all down so the area could be landscaped. I had some pry bars, an axe and a 10 lbs sledge.

     I woke up and started work at six o'clock in the morning, and didn’t stop until six o'clock at night, Because I was having a blast!

I Was Bashing Stuff And Breaking Things
With A Silly Grin On My Face!

     The next day it was more of the same.

     I was a bit stiff, but I ran with it anyways. Pretty quickly the stiffness worked its way out and I was flying. It took me about a week when everything was said and done.

     It was a good time! I got to wreak some stuff, and pocketed some cash to boot.

     At the end, I remember stepping out of the shower and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror…

     I was shocked and delighted to see that the muscles in my forearms were now popping out, my chest was more defined and my waist had shrunk!

     I was talking to my Dad about this discovery I had made. He started telling me stories about boxers like George Forman and Oscar Del La Hoya used to chop wood as part of their daily training.

I knew then and there that

     I split every piece of wood I could get my hands on.
     I even cut down trees I wasn’t supposed to!
     Eventually I made the switch from “axe and logs” to “sledgehammer and truck tire”. And before I knew it, inches started melting off, and staying off!

     As time went on, I started adding more and more moves into the mix. I got inspiration from everywhere! Any sport, strength program or fitness activity that had something useful, I modified it and worked it in.
     Before I knew it I had a whole system put together! I started keeping notes and tracking what I did. Eventually I had a whole notebook full of ideas. I had come up with stuff that NOBODY has seen before…

… And People Noticed A Difference.


     I was leaner, I had more endurance, had more energy, and looked much healthier.

     People started asking what was my secret. I showed them my hammer and my tire and started explaining one of my workouts.

     They looked at me like I had just started singing show tunes in Korean!

     They couldn’t believe that I had gotten such dramatic results with just a $20
off-the-Hardware-store-shelf Sledgehammer, and an old tire I picked up for free.


They Told Me To Put My
Money Where My
Mouth Was!


     So I ran them through one of my workouts.

     I remember the look on my older brother’s face afterwards – he was the Athletic one and he was trying to keep up with me!

     An evil grin slid over his face as he decided it was time to pull out some of the old-school Big Brother moves -- he tried to bust out a Saturday afternoon television ‘wrestling move’ on me and he went in for the Full Nelson.

     My hand clamped onto his wrist, pulled his arm back, and I twisted him around so fast that he rolled away with such force that he was dumbstruck with shock and awe!

He Asked For Another Sledgehammer Lesson…

     … So I gave him one.
      Then he brought over some of his friends, and I taught them too.
     These guys were getting a heart-thumping workout and they LOVED IT! And because they enjoyed it so much and stuck with it and they GOT RESULTS!
     Since then I started teaching men and women my stuff outdoors in the park.
     Men loved it because they started losing their bellies and building up their frame.
     Women loved it because it gave them toned, hard bodies.
     And everybody loved it, because they got out of the gyms and under the sun.
     And do you know what I learned from those lessons?
     It was that people wanted results. They wanted the hard, muscular bodies. They wanted hand and arm strength that they could actually use. They were tired of being fat – just like I was tired of being fat.
     And you know what? The honest to God truth is…
… It Is Not Their Fault!


     The Health and Fitness world is FILLED with bad information.

     They had us believing that we must get a picture perfect, airbrushed body, and that we had to get them from health clubs with expensive ‘monthly memberships.’ Memberships they sold us so we could have the ‘privilege’ of using their over priced, over engineered, over rated “exercise machines”.

     We have to drive to these places, we have to haul in all our gear, we have to get changed in sweaty, damp locker rooms, and then we have to wait in line under the glow of florescent light to get our three-to-five sets of the ‘hamstring curl’ from this bizarre contraption. And most intelligent people eventually throw up their hands and give up…


…but, There Is Hope!


     If you haven’t already done so, I want you to sign up for my email newsletter so that you can download my free report instantly.

     Inside you’ll learn a few of these exercises I put together. Read through it, get your hands on a hammer, and try it out.
     I give you the low-down on where to find a sledge, how to perform the exercises and give you a simple workout to try.
     I want to show you how effective this simple workout can be and how much simpler and faster it is compared to the health club.
     I want you to realize – as I have realized – that getting a lean, hard body is not something you have to buy a ‘membership’ for. True power and true strength is already something you own. What you really need is the desire to bring it forward … and a little knowledge to light the way.

     In the old days, we didn’t need to ‘workout’ because the demands of a hard labor job gave it to us for free.
     We can still get this ‘tough strength’ if we understand the SAID principle: “Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands.”
     I want my free report to teach you that if you work the way they did in the old days, then your body will become strong the way it was in the old days
     That sample workout was the first one I gave to everybody that wanted to learn from me.
     First I showed my friends and family, but before I knew it the word-of-mouth buzz began to take on a life of its own. I started getting phone calls from people I DIDIN’T EVEN KNOW!
     I was teaching University Students, Nurses, Tradesmen, a power lifter, a college basketball player, a recreational Soccer player, a Karate fighter, and industrial designer, a building inspector, a marketer and a visitor from China.
     I was even contacted by a woman that turned out to be…




     And they all raved about it. Everyone was happy to try out something so simple, but also so damn fun. And they got results. Consistent results. Now some of the people planned ahead when they came to my lessons and brought a pen and paper to take notes. They scratched down descriptions and techniques… 


…But It Was Like Drinking Water
From A Fire Hose.


     Here’s some of the things that they learned:

• Where ‘bodybuilder’ workouts went wrong, and where yours will go right.

• Three techniques to train your nervous system to unleash full body power in every sport you practice.

• Learn the training ‘MISTAKE’ that makes your workouts longer and makes your progress slower.
• Half a Dozen techniques to add mobility to your spine, and why you should be doing them right now.

• Caution! Did you know that spending all day under artificial lights is sapping your energy? Discover why you not only should be working outside, but why you need to be.

• How to use the Sledgehammer to strengthen your heart, and expand your lung capacity. Learn how to improve your body’s ability to oxygenate itself so rapidly, people around you will start to wonder if you’re on some sort of performance enhancing drug!

• Expand your mind and learn the real meaning of ‘conditioning.’

• Some ideas of where you can get your equipment for free (Hint, you might be surprised by this one).

• The ‘missing link’ in 90% of ALL fitness programs.

• Learn how I made my workouts so portable I could do them anywhere, anytime – including first thing in the morning, late at night, or even while on a road trip.

• Need some extra SNAP in your legs? Learn this little trick that I use for surprising results.
• Take this little known secret to develop ‘mental toughness’ that you can use to push through any kind of a grind.

• Learn my strategy of how to train your body to work more efficiently – if you don’t, you WILL fall behind your competitors.

• Check out this innovative, secret exercise for oblique strength and shoulder health that I modified from Yoga, I guarantee you’ve NEVER seen this!

• Discover why the sledgehammer is the ‘King’ of solo conditioning.

• The mistake that’s keeping you from getting that hard body from a fitness club, and the solution that came from the old school boxing gym.

• The reason for why your body will shed speed and force if you’re not keeping THESE things in mind…

• Forget what you’ve heard about what should get you in shape, and learn this simple, results-oriented system to make progress by leaps and bounds.

Force your body to develop explosive, dynamic, full body power!

• What a boxers punch taught me about swinging my hammer.

• Learn how evolution built our hands, and how to exploit that to become very strong.

• Learn how I use micro-adjustments to force your body to progress and never hit a plateau.

• Why this ‘full contact’ Kung Fu fighter told me, “CRUNCHES ARE A WASTE OF TIME!” Learn how to develop strong, hard abs without doing even one sit-up, or even laying down.

• Learn why most Supplements, Powders and Energy Drinks ARE NOT helping you improve, and how to get BETTER results without wasting your money.

• Learn how I use the ‘Principle of Leverage’ to work for us when we want it to, and how I use it against us when we need it.

• Warning! If you’re not using these simple exercises to strengthen and recoup your hands, you can almost GUARANTEE getting a game-ending injury. Inside I’ll show you how to help INJURY PROOF your hands, wrists and forearms.

• Why certain College Sports teams ignore the thousand-dollar weight machines in favor of this inexpensive tool.

• How to correct imbalances in your body while simultaneously strengthening your core, your grip, your arms and your back with just this ONE exercise.

• How other workouts forget to teach you about ‘balance’ and ‘coordination,’ or treat them as unimportant. With these techniques, you won’t have to develop them, they will develop on their own.

• Try out this little known technique to build dynamic flexibility in your back that will keep you in the game even if you’re ‘old n’ grey.’

• How to find the best, scientifically designed Sledgehammer, and why YOU should be using it.

• The Four Minute workout that leaves even the best gasping for breath.

• With other systems, you need a coach to watch you and correct your technique. With this system, you will learn techniques that are Self-Correcting, and will show you EXACTLY what you need to work on.
• The Three Hammer Striking techniques that make the core of my system, including one that SMOKES your arms, and one that barely uses your arms at all. (Plus the special ‘fourth strike’ for an extra bang-for-your-buck!).

• How to break each movement down, and a trick to build them back up so they are more effective – and only YOU will know about it.

• Pick up an ‘extra trick’ for building up momentum and rhythm during your workouts.

• The ‘one strategy’ to not only make sure you remain consistent with your workouts, but it will also make it so that your mind will hate skipping workouts, and will leave you Jonesin for one if you did.

• Learn why putting a time limit on your workout forces you to become more productive.

• DON’T DIET! Learn my six rules of thumb I go through before I even THINK about eating something.

• I used to sleep poorly and have low energy, until this one big ‘AH-HA!’ Now I sleep way less and have more energy than I know what to do with.

• The Sledgehammer Surprise! How I improved my physique without meaning to.

• The slick tire-flipping tip from a seasoned football coach
• A common misconception about sledgehammers that makes MOST trainers over look them, and makes you miss out on their GREATEST BENEFIT.

• How to get forearms like Popeye.

• Discover the real reason an average Joe like me dived head-first into Sledgehammer Conditioning

• Three exercises to boost your rotational power for ANY sport,
especially for games like Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis or even Golf (Hint, two of them I do sitting down).

• Learn this one training secret that pushed an average boxer to become a CHAMPION boxer … AUTOMATICALLY!

• Take this one tip from professional strong men to give you legs that kick like a mule!

• The subtle shift – the way the ladies looked at me before… and the way the ladies look at me now.

• The Sledgehammer Exercise for your legs I ‘discovered’ while throwing a  ‘Water Balloon.’

• Three Sledgehammer exercises that increase your leg strength AND your hamstring flexibility AT THE SAME TIME!

• Try this slick little maneuver for rock hard Abs that looks like the unholy marriage between a ‘Construction Worker’ and a “Renegade Pilates Maniac!’

• Learn one effective, full body Sledgehammer exercise that is so simple, you can do it laying flat on your back – literally.
Who Is Sledgehammer Conditioning For?

     If you’re wiped out after a day of yard work, then these exercises are for you.

     If you have any belly fat or love handles, this workout is for you.

     I you stand up after your work day with stiff muscles and an aching back, this workout is perfect for you.

     If you’re struggling to keep up with your teammates, this material is for you.

     If you don’t have the endurance or the power that you want to have, these exercises are for you.

     If you play more than three hours of videogames a week, then this program is DEFINITLY for you.

     If you don’t have time to workout before work, and are too tired after work, this material is for you.

     If the trainers in your gym have pot-bellies themselves, then you should cancel your membership because this material was made especially for you.

     If you want a leaner, tighter body than you have right now, then you need to get these exercises IMMEDIATELY!
Who Is Sledgehammer Conditioning NOT For?

     If you can play a full Football game or three periods of Hockey two or three times a week without getting sore, you don’t need this program.

     If you are naturally lean n’ mean without having to work for it, don’t bother with these exercises.

     If women’s eyes are fixed on you that way they’re fixed on David Beckham, than you don’t need this material.

     If you eat crap and your body fat is still less than 10%, then you don’t need this program.

     If you’re just one of those ‘Big-Dudes’ that never works out and wins every fight he gets in, you don’t need this material.

     If you can smoke, drink, party all night and still perform at peak level the next day, then you don’t need this stuff.

     If you have the time to workout two-or-three hours a day, seven days a week, and drive to the gym, and haul all your gear back and forth, and drive home – but still have time to have fun, hang out with your friends, and even cook a proper meal… do I need to go on?

What Makes This Workout Different?

      This material all came together from a Spartan attitude. Perhaps the most important thing it will teach you is that the most important tool you can use … is the one in your head. I realized that the more ‘equipment’ I had around me, the less likely I was to pick one thing and do as much as I could with it.

      With one piece of equipment, you will quickly realize that simple innovation and creativity challenges you to find ways to make progress, and keeps your mind involved in what you are doing, and keeps you from ever getting bored with it.

      This material used the one benefit that no other will use because it can’t use. The simple understanding, and the application of leverage… the best method of becoming incrementally stronger without needing incrementally more weight.

      It comes from a place of ‘The Less you spend… the Better.’ Where any investment of money is something that you spend once.  And the real investment is in the knowledge, so you can do more work, more efficiently, while wasting less time, and getting faster results.

  So Here’s What You’re Going To Get.



Sledgehammer Conditioning
     The Sledgehammer Conditioning ebook – which you can download instantly, read it – even print it out – and start making use of the information right away.  If you went into any bookstore, a book like this would cost you $34.95

     I break the exercises up into FOUR SECTIONS:
• The Four STRIKES
• The Twelve UPPER BODY exercises
• The Thirteen LOWER BODY exercises
• And The Five CORE exercises.
     Each exercise is broken down into a series of easy to follow photographs, followed by a step by step instruction to make sure you pick up all the finer points the first time.

     On top of that, you get concepts, frameworks and advice. It includes everything we’ve talked about so far, but in much greater depth – including instructions on what to do if during the early stages you ‘fall off the wagon.’

     And as a special BONUS, you will also get:
The Sledgehammer Workout Guide
      The Sledgehammer Conditioning ‘Workout Guide’ – It's the next best thing to me being right there, coaching you. For a value of $20, this will increase your progress by at least 4x .
     In this guide you will learn:

• Use my Seven Strategies for building your workout, including sample routines, my favorite four minute workout, three tips I picked up from boxers and a trick I learned from a poker player.

• Why you should bring your sledge with you when pounding the pavement (and no, it’s not to protect you from muggers).

• Avoid the biggest mistake that most people make that keeps them form getting the results they want.

• How I get a better workout in an Alley than most people get in the gym or on the track.
 The Sledgehammer Joint Health and Mobility Guide
     The Sledgehammer Conditioning ‘Joint Health and Mobility Guide’ – People have told me that this was worth the whole cost in and of itself. This will make sure you are always loose and healthy, at a value of $29.95.
     In which you will learn:

• Six Exercises for your lower body. Eight for your core. And Seven for everything between your shoulders and your fingertips.

• The simple secret to avoid waking up the next day with sore hands.

• Get ‘The Keys’ that unlock stiff joints and recoup old injuries

• Learn what one fitness Guru called ‘The Fountain of Youth’

• The Mistake many make that causes them to slide down the slippery-slope of bodily decline – maybe NEVER to return…

• Why you NEED to injury-proof your body.

• Learn the BEST times to practice these exercises.

• One little known Kung Fu Secret that opens up your hip joint, improves your balance, adds ‘springiness’ to your leg and helps wring out your back.

• Three techniques for ‘loosening up’ and getting rid of lower back pain for good!

• Try out some of my personal favorites for loosening up stiff shoulders, like the piston, the windmill or the Egyptian.

• The two absolute BEST exercises for wrist health – straight from the Kung Fu legends China.

• If you practice wrestling, Judo, or Jujitsu, here’ one exercise that you absolutely MUST know.
The Leverage Secrets To MASSIVE Hand Strength
And as a special treat, ‘The Leverage Secrets to MASSIVE Hand Strength’ – How do you put a price on a window into the back-room training of professional strong men? Would $19.95 even be enough to ask?
     Inside you will find:

• The Four Primary Skills of  MASSIVE hand strength, giving you a huge competitive edge and making injury a near IMPOSSIBILITY.

• Learn how to put your body in a position of Extreme mechanical disadvantage, forcing MASSIVE growth.

• Practice feats that are UNKNOWN outside of Strongman Circles.

     When you put it all together, that is over one hundred dollars of value. Think about what you could buy for one hundred dollars. An infomercial fitness gadget? A couple of months membership at a gym? A decent pair of running shoes? 
     But how much knowledge will you get from these things? And unlike knowledge, with any of those things stay with you for the rest of your life? How valuable would that be?
      Well, because of my spartan, boot-strapper roots, I don't want to give these to you for $100. I don't even want to give them to you for $70 or even $50. I want to give you -for instant download- all four books for the price of $27
     I think that you would agree that all of that would be a bargain at $27 dollars. That’s less expensive than two drop-in sessions at the local gym, and a fraction of what it would cost to pay a personal trainer.

      For that amount, you will immediately get my four books which are filled with all of my best tips, tricks, tactics and techniques. There is so much content here that I guarantee that you can keep coming back to them for weeks, months and years down the line that you will never draw a blank when it comes to getting an outstanding workout.

     You can take as much, or a little time as you need to study the exercises until you are the MASTER, and you know every one inside and out.

     When it came down to it, it took me YEARS to finds, refine and craft this material. I talked to everyone I could find, spent hours studying the books and writings of others, and looking down every single avenue you would think of (and a whole pile you wouldn’t have thought of) to get the ‘cream of the crop.’

     I am so dedicated to this material, and to helping you get the results you want, that I am willing to TAKE A RISK and I’m even going to offer my very best guarantee.


     I know the Sledgehammer Conditioning will work for you.

     But if for any reason, ANY reason you decide that you are not 100% satisfied, just contact me within 60 days of the date you purchased, I will COMPLETELY refund your money – no questions asked – and you get to KEEP the eBooks as my gift to you.

     I am so convinced that when you order my material, you will get the body you want, and the power and endurance you want that I am willing to put my neck on the line and go out on a limb over it.

     So if you decide you don’t like the exercises, or don’t think they work, or just feel like they aren’t for you, just contact me, and the refund is yours. No fuss, no muss.
     All I ask is that you go through the material cover to cover, try it out, and you will IMMEDIATELY begin to see results … and soon other people will notice too.
     I’ve gotten many emails from people just like you who are using Sledgehammer Conditioning to improve their bodies and improve their lives, and I want to help you too.

     Click on the link below, and place your order now:


     Be the next person to take this simple but powerful Hardware Store tool to develop your rock solid midsection, your steel cable hands, your sinewy back and your cut chest.

     Surprise yourself and others by how much more endurance you can bring, how much harder you can push, and how quickly you can gain mass and drop weight.

     Learn the Secret of Combat athletes, and be able to Dominate, Overcome, and Blaze past your competition, but you need to take the first step…
     ...or surf to another website, eat some junk food, watch your muscles turn into fat, and be tired, sluggish, and slow like an old man...
Work Tough, Look Tough, Be Tough!

Your Friend,

Joshua Stiletto

P.S. You will be amazed at the results you will see, and I am glad I can be a small part of your process. I am excited to hear about your situation and your results.  I guarantee it will work for you, as it has so many others. Be sure to drop me a line and tell me about your success.



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